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Ontario new test site for self driving vehicles?

Posted Feb 2nd, 2016 in Media, General, Auto Insurance, Did You Know?, In the News

It appears that Ontario may be the next test site for self driving vehicles; however, they will require assistance from all levels of government to make it official.

Windsor Vying for Self Driving Test Site

Ontario new test site for self driving vehicles, Youngs Insurance, OntarioThe city of Windsor, along with their university and colleges have made a pitch to Ford Canada to become a test site for self driving vehicles. According to Tony Faria, co-director of Automotive and Vehicle Research at the Univeristy of Windsor, Windsor would be an ideal location for self driving vehicle testing. He explained, “Windsor would be a natural for this type of testing. We’re a medium sized city, which I think is far better than a large metropolitan area such as Toronto.” (Source: CBC News)

Windsor city Counsellor Irek Kusmierczyk, feels strongly about Ontario being more progressive regarding self driving vehicle technology and testing. He said, “On this side of the border, we really need to get all hands on deck. We really need the federal, provincial and municipal leaders as well as industry to really put forward a national strategy that includes autonomous vehicles." (Source: CBC News)

Ontario’s Automated Vehicle Program

The province of Ontario already confirmed the approval of self driving vehicles on their road ways as of January 1, 2016. In addition, Ontario vowed to give $500,000 to the Ontario Centres of Excellence Connected to Vehicle/Automated Vehicle Program. This program works to partner businesses and academic institutions to further self driving vehicle technology and research.

Ontario became the first Canadian Province to permit self driving vehicle testing. Steven Del Duca, Ontario Transportation Minister commented, "For Ontario, the benefits of being part of automated vehicle innovation are clear. In order to compete, Ontario needs to be consistent with the approach of U.S. jurisdictions." (Source: CBC News)

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