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Are Self-Driving Cars already on Ontario Roads?

Posted Jan 4th, 2016 in Media, General, Auto Insurance, Did You Know?

Ontario drivers are waiting in anticipation for the self-driving revolution, however, with Tesla’s new autopilot function this means that self-driving cars are already on Ontario roads.

Are Self-Driving Cars already on Ontario Roads?Autonomous driving technology seems to be accelerated with self-driving cars predicted to be widely available within five years. However, with Telsa’s new autopilot software update we can see that self-driving cars are already driving on Ontario roads.

Tesla’s autopilot function offers user’s automatic lane control, adaptive cruise control, hands-free lane changes, collision warning and self parking.

How Autopilot Works

Autopilot works by utilizing ultrasonic sensors, radar and cameras that each Tesla comes equip with, not to mention the data collected from other Tesla vehicles.

Watch this brief video that demonstrates how Telsa’s autopilot works 

Ultimately, as you can see, with Telsa’s autopilot feature self-driving cars are already on our Ontario roads. The next question most ask is who is liable? Well recently, Volvo stated they would accept full liability for their self-driving cars. Suggesting that if a car is in a self-driving mode and gets into an accident then the responsibility would fall to the auto manufacture.

It appears that the goal with self-driving cars is to reduce the amount of overall auto accidents, making our roads a safer place. Youngs Insurance Brokers are all for safer roads and driving conditions. As the self-driving car discussion continues we will update you with any new information.

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