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20 Ways to Make Your Home Greener for Earth Day

Posted Apr 22nd, 2022 in Did You Know?, General, Home Insurance, In the News, Insurance Tips, Media

Earth Day is April 22 and what better way to celebrate than by making some green changes at home! We’ve provided simple ways to “go green” that will benefit you and our earth.

The purpose of Earth Day is to demonstrate support for environmental protection. If you’re recycling already, that’s great! But, we have even more “green ideas” that you can implement in your home this Earth Day.

20 Great Ideas to Make Your Home Greener

  1. Grow a garden.
  2. Donate gently used clothing or household items instead of tossing them in the garbage.
  3. Use green cleaners instead of ones that are full of chemicals as this helps to reduce air pollution.
  4. Inspect your insulation and add more – this will cut down on your energy consumption and your energy bill.
  5. Avoid using pesticides and bug sprays.
  6. Implement composting if you don’t already.
  7. Wash your clothes in cold water to reduce energy consumption.
  8. Try a DIY instead of buying new – or shop vintage.
  9. Use LED light bulbs.
  10. Decorate your home with indoor plants – they look nice, but they also help to clean indoor air.
  11. Upgrade your curtains and blinds to maintain the temperature in your home and to help keep the cold air out.
  12. Use a drip coffee maker instead of buying the pods (unless the pods are fully compostable).
  13. Meal plan and prep to minimize food waste.
  14. Stop buying plastic water bottles!
  15. Skip the dryer when possible and opt to hang your clothes outside to dry when the weather is warm.
  16. Use rags for cleaning instead of paper towels.
  17. Fill the dishwasher before running it.
  18. Switch to receiving bills online rather than in the mail.
  19. If you live in a condo or apartment building, take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  20. Stop paying five cents for plastic bags and opt for reusable bags or totes instead.

Becoming greener at home doesn’t have to be difficult or break the bank – in fact, most of these ideas will help you save money! We hope the above recommendations are ones you can implement within your own homes this Earth Day.

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