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The Best Tips and Advice About Dog Park Etiquette

Posted Jun 25th, 2021 in Did You Know?, General, Home Insurance, In the News, Insurance Tips, Media

If you’re a dog owner, you’ve probably visited a dog park or will likely visit one this summer. We have some great tips on dog park etiquette and how to ensure your pet stays safe while visiting.

The Best Tips and Advice About Dog Park Etiquette, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

No bones about it - pets are like family, and if you're a dog owner, you’ll want to do everything you can to ensure they stay safe and have fun. Dogs love visiting dog parks – it’s a great place to get exercise and socialize with other dogs. It’s also the perfect place to visit this summer, so brush up on dog park etiquette with these tips.

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Six Dog Park Etiquette Tips

Tip 1: Keep Your Eyes on Your Dog

It’s important to keep an eye on your dog so you’re aware of whether another dog is showing signs of aggression towards your pet. Watching your dog closely also means you’re paying attention to their body language and know if they are hungry, tired, or scared.

Tip 2: Clean Up After

Since dog parks are public spaces, it’s important to clean up after your dog and yourself. Don’t leave food wrappers, water bottles, or toys behind. You should also clean up after your dog just as you would do on a walk.

Tip 3: Let Your Dog of the Leash

Allowing your dog off the leash is a great way to let them experience freedom, but it’s also for their safety. Dogs left on a leash could experience feelings of being trapped, and this could lead to defensive and aggressive behaviour towards other dogs.

Tip 4: Dog Size Matters

It’s vital to be respectful of other dogs’ sizes. If you have a small dog, slowly introduce them to larger ones, but only after you have confirmed they are friendly. If you have a large dog, bring them to parks that are appropriate for their size. Many dog parks have separate areas for different size dogs.

Tip 5: Keep Your Dog Healthy

Even if there isn’t an official policy at the dog park, it’s important to keep your pet vaccinated and healthy. Your dog could encounter other dogs that may be suffering from spreadable and contagious things like fleas and ticks. Ensuring they are up-to-date and making regular visits to the vet will further keep them protected and safe.

Tip 6: Limit Treats

It’s best to avoid bringing treats to the dog park as this could potentially bring out food aggression in other dogs and start a fight. One thing you should always have on hand, however, is clean water for your pet.

We hope these dog park etiquette tips will come in handy the next time you visit one this summer. Did you know that at Youngs Insurance we love dogs and all animals? That’s why we’re giving back to local SPCAs and other organizations that help our furry friends. You can read about it here!

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