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Save Money with the Ontario Winter Tire Discount

Posted Dec 9th, 2020 in Media, General, Insurance Tips, Auto Insurance, Did You Know?, In the News

Ontario weather is unpredictable, but, one thing is guaranteed…snow! It’s important you’re aware of the Ontario Winter Tire Discount, as this will help you stay safe while possibly saving money this season.

Ontario Winter Tire Discount, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

Did you know the winter tire discount is mandated by the Province of Ontario? It’s true, and many insurance carriers offer this discount with the installation of winter tires.

Winter Tire Symbol

How Do I Select the Correct Winter Tires?

To ensure you are purchasing an approved winter tire, look for the Alpine symbol logo, which is a snowflake on a peaked mountain. All four tires must have this logo to be considered certified as a winter tire by Transport Canada.

Is the Winter Tire Discount the Same for Each Insurance Carrier?

No, each insurance carrier has different rules when it comes to installing winter tires. Make sure you speak with your insurance broker ahead of time, so you’re informed.

For example, some insurance carriers only offer the Winter Tire Discount if the tires are installed from December 1 to March 31. Additionally, some insurance carriers will accept all-weather tires to be eligible for the winter tire discount.
Contact your Youngs Insurance broker today to see what your insurance carrier requires to ensure you maximize this discount.

When is the Best Time to Install Winter Tires?

The best time to install winter tires depends on your insurance carrier rules, but typically, it is when the temperature is expected to be 7 degrees or lower. That’s when summer tires become inflexible, impacting traction. Considering Ontario winters, it could be anytime between Late October – December 1.

How Do I Inform My Insurance Provider?

As soon as you get your winter tires, you need to provide your insurance broker with supporting documentation, such as a receipt for the purchase and/or installation.

What are the Benefits to Having Winter Tires?

Besides saving money on insurance, winter tires are designed to perform in winter weather and snowy conditions, and make winter driving significantly safer. That is because they improve traction, grip and overall handling. Winter tires are covered with grooves that help move water away to the sides, allowing the tire to stay in contact with the road.

Saving money and staying safe has never been so easy! Contact us today so you can take full advantage of the Ontario winter tire discount.

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