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We're Spilling Secrets on How Tickets And Demerit Points Affect Your Car Insurance

Posted Nov 4th, 2020 in CARINSURANCE

How Tickets And Demerit Points Affect Your Car Insurance, SnapQuote Insurance, Ontario

You were speeding, got pulled over, and handed a ticket. Immediately you think, what's the cost of this ticket, how many demerit points, and will this affect your car insurance. We have the answers.

We've got the lowdown on how tickets and demerit points work and how they can affect your car insurance premiums.

How Do Tickets and Demerit Points Affect Car Insurance?

Do All Tickets Affect Insurance?

It depends on the ticket you received and whether it was a minor, major or serious conviction, regardless of how many demerit points were associated. DUIs or driving without insurance are serious convictions, a G1 driver driving alone or distracted driving are major convictions, and failing to stop at a stop sign or inadequate brake lights are considered minor convictions. So, one minor conviction might not have an impact on insurance, but a few minor convictions or one major conviction on a record could impact car insurance rates.

What About Parking Tickets?

Parking tickets have no impact on your car insurance. However, if you choose not to pay them and let them add up over time, you won’t be able to renew your licence, licence plate, or plate stickers without paying for them. So, you might as well just pay them right away.

What About Red-Light Cameras and Speed Camera Tickets?

Since it's difficult to prove who was driving the car in these circumstances, red-light and speeding cameras are treated the same way as parking tickets - so they won’t impact your car insurance. However, if you were pulled over by a police officer for running a red light or speeding and get a ticket, that can affect your car insurance.

What Are Demerit Points?

Demerit points are something added to your driving record/driver’s licence. They accompany a ticket and sometimes a fine from a conviction. When you get your licence, you start with a clean slate of zero and with convictions, you can gain points over time. Demerit points stay on your driving record for two years. If you collect enough demerit points, you can lose your licence. In Ontario, you can accumulate 15 demerit points before your driver’s licence is suspended. 

How Do I Know How Many Demerit Points Come With My Ticket?

Let’s say you were speeding, pulled over by an officer, and given a ticket. You will only find out how many demerit points you received, if any, through the payment process of that ticket, or were found guilty in court.

Wait, So Do The Demerit Points Directly Affect My Insurance?

Not really. The ticket and the severity of your ticket or offense are what affect your premium. Demerit points are used to score your driving record and with too many of them, your licence can be suspended. If your licence is or has been suspended, then that will affect your driving record history and in turn your car insurance rate.

Following the rules of the road will help you avoid getting tickets and will also keep you safe. 

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