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Three Shocking Facts About Speeding

Posted Jan 31st, 2018 in CARINSURANCE

Three Shocking Facts About Speeding, SnapQuote Insurance

If you’re a driver who loves speed, make sure you read this article, as we share shocking facts about speeding and why you should avoid it.

Did you know that…

If your speed exceeds the posted speed limit, or if you are driving too fast for road conditions, you are speeding. Speeding to keep up with traffic around you is illegal, and you can still be ticketed.

Speeding increases your risk of getting into an accident, and the severity of crashes. Next time you are running late, and your foot is feeling heavy on the gas pedal, consider these facts.

Shocking facts about speeding

1 | You need more distance to brake.

Braking distance is affected by:

  1. The driver’s perception time
  2. The driver and the vehicle reaction time
  3. The vehicle’s braking capability 

The faster you are driving, the more braking distance you need. Doubling your speed can make your braking distance up to four times longer.

2 | The risk of accidents is increased.

Driving fast gives you less time to react to dangers and to avoid obstacles. When you drive fast, your brain has more information to process, but less time to process it, which directly affects your vision, as your brain ignores a lot of peripheral information.

3 | The severity of crashes increases.

In a crash, the impact of a vehicle travelling at 50 km/h is equal to a fall from the top of a 4-storey building. When the speed of the vehicle increases to 100 km/h, the impact is equal to a fall from the top of a 14-storey building. Interestingly, airbags and seatbelts are less effective in high-speed collisions.


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