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We’re Spilling Secrets About Your Car’s Black Box

Posted Jul 27th, 2020 in Media, General, Insurance Tips, Auto Insurance, Did You Know?, In the News

Did you know that most cars made after 2013 have a black box? They record information leading to an accident, that your insurance carrier can review.

We’re Spilling Secrets About Your Car’s Black Box, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

Black boxes are also known as ‘event data recorders’ and are commonly found in newer cars. The one in your vehicle is similar to black boxes in airplanes. We’ve provided a list of some interesting facts you may not know about your car’s black box.

Three Shocking Facts About Your Car’s Black Box

#1 What your black box records

Black boxes record the speed of the car, if/when brakes were used, if seatbelts were worn, and if airbags were released prior to the accident. This information is only gathered during the last few seconds before an accident occurs.

#2 How your black box helps

There are pros and cons to your car’s black box. The major PRO is they are a great tool for solving accident disputes as they use real data and information versus what people can remember.

#3 Addressing black box privacy concerns

Some people are concerned and consider having this in your car to be an invasion of privacy. Although black boxes record information from your private vehicle, there is limited access to this information. Black box data is ONLY made available to third parties, like an insurance company, and ONLY if the owner of the car agrees to it or if the court issues a subpoena.

Although black boxes are not mandatory in cars, they are very common now and chances are your new vehicle has one. We hope this information has given you deeper insight as to what a black box is capable of, its pros and cons, and how it can affect the outcome of accidents.  

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