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Why Taking Inventory of Your Home is Essential

Posted May 24th, 2019 in Media, General, Insurance Tips, Home Insurance, Did You Know?, In the News

Most people who own a home know how important it is to have insurance, but often, homeowners forget the importance of documenting and keeping an inventory of the valuable items in their home. 

Why Taking Inventory of Your Home is Essential, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

It would be ideal if we didn’t have to worry about having an insurance claim, unfortunately, it’s important we prepare for the worst. Having an inventory of the valuables in your home will be extremely beneficial in the event of a loss such as fire, theft or a claim in general.

Home Inventory Checklist:

  1. Ensure you go through every room in your home including the basement, garage, attic, and storage areas. 
  2. Make sure to document all valuable items including jewelry, artwork, collectibles, electronics, furniture and clothing.
  3. Your list should include written documentation photos or videos of the valuables. 
  4. On the written records, include the name of each item, brand/manufacturer, cost, serial number and date of purchase.
  5. You should include receipts or appraisals of valuable items when possible and attach them to your inventory list.

You’ve Completed Your Home Inventory.  Now What?

The hardest part is over once you finish the initial home inventory and now you’ll have your master list to update.  You should do updates regularly, especially every time you purchase a new item.

Protecting Your Home Inventory List

We highly recommend you protect your home inventory list from theft or fire by keeping a copy in a safe place such as in a waterproof safe, safety deposit box or digitally. 

We hope you found the steps to perform a proper home inventory valuable.  If you ever have any questions about your home insurance, please do not hesitate to contact us - we would be happy to help!

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