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Victoria Day Safety: Insurance and Fireworks

Posted May 13th, 2019 in Media, General, Insurance Tips, Home Insurance, Did You Know?, In the News

Victoria Day wouldn’t be complete without friends, food and of course, fireworks.  If you decide to host a party and put on your own fireworks display, we’ve outlined how that could impact your home insurance policy.

Victoria Day Safety: Insurance and Fireworks, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

Deciding to put on a firework show at your house could result in several issues and it’s important to know what your home insurance policy covers.  It’s also important that you stay safe!

Does Your Home Insurance Policy Cover Fireworks?

Before you host your Victoria Day party complete with fireworks, you should first call your insurance broker to ensure you have enough liability coverage on your home insurance policy.  A misdirected flare can result in damage to your home or surrounding property, as well as personal injury.  Your broker will advise you of your best options.

You should also be aware of your local by-laws regarding when fireworks are legally permitted. If damage to your home occurs or if someone is injured while using fireworks outside of the permitted times or holidays, coverage on your policy may not be applicable.

Tips to Keep You Safe This Victoria Day:

  1. Carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions before using the fireworks. 
  2. Never attempt to relight a defective firework.  Wait a half hour and douse it with water before picking it up.
  3. Have a bucket of water for soaking all the fireworks after they’ve burned.  You should also keep a hose and a bucket of sand on hand too.
  4.  Launch fireworks in an open area, away from your home, building, vehicles, and vegetation.  Wet the area well before you light a fuse. 
  5. Wear protective eyewear and never lean over the firecracker when lighting it.
  6. Keep all fireworks away from children. 
  7. Buy fireworks from reliable sources that are licenced to sell them. 
  8. Never handle fireworks if you are impaired by alcohol or drugs. 
  9. Never smoke around fireworks.
  10. Don’t ever try to light the fireworks while in your hand.  Use a flat surface on the ground instead

We hope you found this information and these tips helpful.  If you ever have questions about your policy, don’t hesitate to reach out – we’re always happy to help. We hope you have an enjoyable and safe long weekend!

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