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How To Avoid Getting Tickets This Winter

Posted Feb 20th, 2019 in Media, General, Insurance Tips, Auto Insurance, Did You Know?, In the News

Ontario winters can be miserable for driving; understandably the harsh weather conditions make driving more difficult. There are precautions to take to ensure your drive is a safe one and that includes not getting a ticket.

How To Avoid Getting Tickets This Winter, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

Is it just us, or does it seem like when it snows, everyone seems to forget how to drive?

Since we don’t experience snow year-round, sometimes we forget what to do in the winter months.  In addition to avoiding accidents, it’s important you do your best to evade getting one of these tickets this winter.

Three tickets you can avoid this winter:

#1 Careless Driving |

In Ontario, there isn’t a specific ticket for driving too fast for weather conditions like in other provinces.  But for many reasons, it’s imperative to drive much slower in winter weather conditions.  Roads can be icy and slick making driving more dangerous.  Speeding on icy roads could land you with a speeding ticket but you may also end up with a careless driving charge.  Keep yourself and others safe by slowing down and driving cautiously.

#2 Driving with Obstructed Views |

Before pulling out of your driveway, ensure that you can see clearly out of all your windows; don’t simply clean off a small area to look through. Many aren’t aware that not doing this can lead to a ticket.   All windows should be clean, so you can clearly see in front, beside and behind you.  Don’t be afraid to use your scraper and brush to properly clean your car!  Give yourself enough time to get to where you need to go so that you’re not rushed and skip through the cleaning process.

#3 Obstructed Licence Plate |

Your windows aren’t the only things that should be cleared fully.  You should brush your entire car off because snow on top of your car could fall as your drive and block your windows.  Make sure all of your lights are clean too so that other drivers can see you and are aware of the move you’re going to make.  Clean your licence plate because you could get a ticket for having an obstructed licence plate if it’s not fully cleaned off. 

Ensure you are doing everything necessary to stay safe on the road this winter while also avoiding tickets.  Keep in mind that avoiding tickets of any kind is better for your insurance premium, too! 

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