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13 Crime Prevention Tips for Your Business

Posted Aug 27th, 2018 in Media, General, Insurance Tips, Commercial Insurance, Did You Know?, In the News

Protecting your business from risks is paramount to your continued growth and success. Having insurance helps with some risk, however, crime prevention is another variable to consider.

13 Crime Prevention Tips for Your Business, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

Owning a business can be stressful for many reasons, including the pressure of it operating successfully and efficiently. We recommend you do whatever you can to minimize your risk and that is why we’ve outlined helpful crime prevention tips.  

Crime Prevention Tips for Your Business:

  1. Keep your commercial building clean so that it doesn’t become a target of vandalism;
  2. secure exterior door hinge pins and use deadbolts;
  3. post “Private” or “Employees Only” signs to designate restricted areas;
  4. install security cameras to deter vandals and robbers;
  5. keep counter displays low so employees can see over them;
  6. install an alarm system that is monitored off-site;
  7. keep your front doors and windows clear of signs and posters to allow for two-way visibility;
  8. ensure the outside of your business is well lit at night;
  9. keep side doors and back doors locked;
  10. place surveillance cameras behind the cash register;
  11. never allow individuals to loiter outside of your store;
  12. keep limited cash in your register and you can even post signs indicating this;
  13. be alert for customers who enter without a clear purpose.

Your Business Insurance and Crime Prevention

Most insurance companies offer comprehensive crime packages that are automatically included on your policy.  Likewise, it can also be added.  You can call your broker to discuss whether or not you already have this coverage in place or you can request that it be added on to your policy. 

Crime prevention is crucial to the safety and security of your employees, your business, and your customers.  We hope you found our tips beneficial!

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