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3 Simple Tips for Moving Your Child into University

Posted Aug 13th, 2018 in Media, General, Insurance Tips, Home Insurance, Auto Insurance, Did You Know?, In the News

Soon it’ll be back to school time and you’ll be moving your child into university. To help with the dreaded move-in day, we’ve outlined simple tips to make it stress-free, including insurance savings!

3 Simple Tips for Moving Your Child into University , Youngs Insurance, Ontario

You might not be ready to say goodbye to your child just yet, however, there is no denying that move-in day is around the corner. Here are a few tips that will hopefully make the transition to University little easier for you.

#1 Plan Ahead

It’s highly recommended that you look at a map of the campus before driving so that you can plan ahead for parking, distance to the dorm,  etc. Also, many people use U-Hauls or Thules so that they don’t have to take two trips.

#2 Move-in Day

Almost all universities have a specific time and date for you to move in. It is very important that you show up for your intended time because the university has allocated specific resources to help you move in. There will most likely be people there to help carry your heavy objects up the stairs. Don’t rely on being able to use the elevator! Dormitories can have multiple floors and people don’t like carrying things upstairs, but with so many people the elevators will be packed.

    #3 Keep Insurance In Mind

    Sending your child away to school is costly but did you know that there are several car insurance discounts you are entitled to? Here are two discounts to consider:

    1. Student Away From Home Discount - this discount is applicable when a student under the age of 25 has limited access to a vehicle while temporarily living away from home. 
    2. Good Student Discount - if your child earns an average of 80% or higher, they may be eligible for a 10-15% discount on their car insurance premium.

    For more information about discounts and insurance for your child, read, Understanding Back to School Car Insurance Discounts.

    Move-in day is a hectic day filled with emotions and stress.  We hope our tips will help to alleviate some of that stress so you can focus on enjoying this exciting time with your child.

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