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4 Home Winterizing Tips You Need To Do

Posted Nov 2nd, 2017 in Media, General, Insurance Tips, Home Insurance, Did You Know?, In the News

We hate to say it aloud, but winter is around the corner. That’s why you need to take advantage of our tips to help winterize your home.

4 Home Winterizing Tips You Need To Do, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

When the winter weather really hits, you’ll appreciate knowing that your home is prepared to battle whatever is thrown at it. Not to mention, our winterizing tips could save you major headaches and money!

#1 | Clean out your gutters

The fall weather brings lots of leaves and gunk, which unfortunately ends up in your gutters. It’s important that you clean out all of the debris that may have accumulated. If you don’t you could experience leaks caused by lack of drainage.

#2 | Block potential leaks

Often with the cold weather you’ll notice drafts in your home – this can be managed by sealing all the leaks. Check all your windows and doors (basically any home entry points) and replace the weather stripping and caulk any gaps. HGTV recommends replacing doorstops that are worn, as they “block any potential entry points for cold air.”

#3 | Check your heating systems

It’s essential to get your heating systems maintained before the winter to ensure they are working efficiently. Not to mention, look into investing in a programmable thermostat, as this can really help your monthly hydro bills. If you have a chimney fireplace make sure it is cleaned out and inspected before using it.

#4 | Prep the Plumbing

When it comes to your home's pipes, you have to take it seriously, because frozen pipes can cause major issues. Make sure any outdoor pipes have been turned off and emptied i.e. sprinkler systems pipes blown out, bring hoses inside, and turn all facets off.

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