Consumer Reports’ 10 Least Reliable Cars

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Car shopping? If so, you need to check out Consumer Reports’ 10 Least Reliable Cars, as it may impact your decision.

10 Least Reliable Cars, Youngs InsuranceOften the appeal in purchasing a new car is to be rid of the service expenses that happen with an older vehicle.  Regardless of how new a car is, some models can have you going in for service sooner and more often than you would like.

What car models have the highest likelihood of problems?

Each year Consumer Reports’ does their Annual Auto Survey where they assess consumer feedback, evaluate trends and source concrete facts. Check out their list of the 10 least reliable cars to help you decide what vehicle you will purchase next. 

The 10 LEAST Reliable Cars

#1 | Fiat 500L | Price as tested $24,595

Trouble Spots: slipping or lock-up transmission, power equipment, drive system, in-car electronics. This model has several significant flaws.  It earned a poor road test score because of flat seats, an odd driving position, and a stiff ride.  Owner satisfaction is low,  it scored low in the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s small-overlap frontal crash test, and it has a terrible reliability score. 

#2 | Ford Fiesta | Price as tested $16,595-$24,985

Trouble Spots: clutch replacement, rough shifting or slipping transmission, noises and leaks, power equipment. A six-speed automated manual tends to cause the vehicle to stumble in stop and go traffic and the rear seat is very cramped.  

#3 | Chevrolet Tahoe/GMC Yukon | Price as tested $60,100

Trouble Spots: steering vibrations, power equipment, in-vehicle electronics. The ride on is a little stiff and the engine is not responsive enough in everyday driving.

#4 | Ram 2500

Trouble Spots: steering vibrations, emission controls, and sensors, 4 wheel drive components, power equipment. The ride is a little stiff and due to the cab height, it can be awkward getting into.

#5 | Telsa Model X

Trouble Spots: falcon-wing doors, locks and latches, power equipment, in-vehicle electronics, and climate system. The rear doors open up and out of the way giving access to rear seats but they take their time and unlike every other SUV, the second row of seating does not fold down.

#6 | Chrysler 200 | Price as tested $25,790-$33,620

Trouble Spots: slipping or lock-up transmission, rough shifting, drive system. The handling is clumsy, the four-cylinder engine is underwhelming and the ride is rough and unsettled.  Also, the transmission is uncooperative and it carries the lowest overall road-test score, as well as the lowest Predicted Reliability Rating.

#7 | Chevrolet Suburban/GMC Yukon XL | Price as tested $69,790

Trouble Spots: slipping or rough shifting, 8-speed transmission, power equipment, in-car electronics, 4 wheel drive components. It provides the space for seven or more passengers and towing capacity - beyond that, it is a standard hauler.

#8 | Jeep Renegade | Price as tested $27,525

Trouble Spots: drive system, transmission, power equipment, radio. This car is stalled by a nine-speed automatic that is neither smooth nor responsive.  The handling is lackluster, the idle vibration and an overly touchy brake pedal also ruin the driving experience.

#9 | Ford Focus | Price as tested $20,485-$40,990

Trouble Spots: transmission replacement, rough shifting, four wheel drive components, power equipment, in-car electronics. This car is overwhelmed by poor reliability and a jerky transmission at low speeds and the cabin is narrow compared to competitors.

#10 | Cadillac Escalade | Price as tested $87,360

Trouble Spots: transmission replacement, rough shifting, four wheel drive components, power equipment, in-car electronics. The Escalade rides stiffly and doesn't offer the handling and grace other luxury SUV's do.  It isn't very spacious inside - the second-row seats are not very comfortable and the third row is cramped.

If you would like more detail regarding why each of the 10 cars above was selected be sure to check out their review here.

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