What Counts as Distracted Driving?

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As we gear up to head back to school we notice the roads get busier as do we. Considering this we thought we would inform our valued customers of what counts as distracted driving.

What Counts as Distracted Driving, Youngs Insurance, OntarioIn an effort to make our roads a safer place, we wanted to share with you what qualifies as distracted driving in Ontario and provide you with tips to avoid distracted driving altogether.

Distracted Driving – are you guilty of the following?

According to the Ontario Government, in Ontario, one person is injured every 30 minutes due to distracted driving. In addition, “a driver using a phone is four times more likely to crash than a driver focusing on the road.” What is considered distracted driving?

  • Using your phone while driving to – text, call someone, check maps, change music.
  • Eating, reading, putting on make-up, using your GPS device.
Everything above is considered distracted driving; not only if you are driving, but also if you are stopped at a red light – the same penalties apply.

Tips to Avoid Driving Distracted

  1. Use Apps that prevent texting and driving – there are several free apps that you can download to your smartphone that will help you combat distracted driving.  Apps such as, DriveSafe.ly and text-STAR – both apps offer different options and features that will assist you in leaving your phone alone while driving.
  2. The simplest option is to either turn your phone off or turn your notifications and ringer to silent and then put your phone either on the back seat or in the glove box.
  3. Before you get into your vehicle, record a message stating that you are in the car and will not be able to use your phone until you arrive at your destination.
  4. Before you start driving attend to everything that could distract you, i.e. set your GPS, eat prior, set your music, etc.
If you have any questions regarding distracted driving, please contact one of our offices today!  

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