The Evolution of the Home

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Understandably the evolution of the home has changed significantly over the past century. These changes have played a significant role in home insurance. 

Home Functionality

The Evolution of the Home, Youngs Insurance, OntarioSince home insurance was introduced the design, size and use of space within the home has changed drastically. 

One of the main changes is the way we use the space in our homes. Surprisingly, having a finished basement is a relatively new idea. Pre 1950, basements were simply used for storage, junk and in particular canned foods. 

Nowadays most people have either fully or semi finished basements, including flooring, furniture, electronics and other possessions. The challenge with that is if you experience flooding or water damage in your basement you now have to replace costly materials.

The leading cause of home insurance claims...

Did you know that water damage is the leading cause of home insurance claims?According to leading Insurance carriers in Ontario, this is due in part to homes being built in areas that make them more prone to damage; for example flood plains.

Due to water damage being the leading cause of home insurance claims, it is important you do what you can to minimize your risk >> Tips for Protecting your Home from Water Damage.

The main issue with water is that even the smallest amount of water can leave major damage, resulting in the home owner having to claim under their insurance.

Be sure to read our blog on protecting your home from water damage. If you have any questions or would like a no obligation insurance quote please contact Youngs Insurance today!

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Tips For Mitigating Risks

  • Each year have backwater valves checked to ensure they are in working order.
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