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Protecting your Home from Water Damage

Posted Feb 11th, 2016 in General, Insurance Tips, Home Insurance, Did You Know?

It is important that you do everything you can to protect your home from water damage; we have provided you with tips that you can utilize throughout the year. 

Water damage is not always something you can avoid, however, it is essential you act proactively to protect your home and prevent everything within your power.Protect Your Home from Water Damage, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

We have provided you with a list of tips to protect your home from water damage throughout the year. These tips have been adapted from Intact Insurance.

Tips to protect your home from water damage

  1. Each year have backwater valves checked to ensure they are in working order.
  2. Every other year, hire a professional plumber to review your plumbing and investigate any potential issues.
  3. Replace batteries in monitoring systems yearly (fire, heat, water, burglary).
  4. Ensure you inspect appliances such as washing machine or dishwasher and replace them once they are beyond their life expectancy.
  5. Be sure to have a professional inspect your hot water tank, air conditioner annually and replace when required.  
  6. If you have a sump pump, be sure to have it serviced annually.
  7. Check your gas-supply hose for cracks and replace as necessary.

The following tips are ways you can help protect your home from water damage; these tips should be conducted yearly. It is important that you act proactively to prevent any water damage issues, in doing so you may save yourself future headaches and potentially insurance claims.

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