Fall Tips for Protecting your Home from Water Damage

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The fall season is in full swing and with that we thought we would provide you with some helpful tips for protecting you home from water damage.

Did you know that water damage has surpassed fire as the leading cause of personal property claims in Canada? Youngs Insurance Fall Tips for Protecting your Home from Water DamageThe challenge with water is that even the smallest amount of water can be a major headache, resulting in the home owner having to claim under their insurance. According to Intact Insurance, over 30,000 homes in Canada suffered water damage last year.

Another important step in protecting your home from water damage is calling your local municipality to find out if there are any special programs that may be in place to protect your home against flooding.

We hope that by providing you with information on how to avoid water damage with our fall tips for protecting your home from water damage, you will be able to reduce your risk and keep unwanted water out of your home! The following check list has been adapted by Intact Insurance.

Fall Tips for Preventing Water Damage – Outside Your Home

  • Clean eaves troughs and downspouts to ensure proper drainage
  • If you have any damage on the outside of your home (including cracks, etc.) repair them
  • Ensure you caulk window trim and door frames
  • Check your roof and flashing for repairs
  • Install weather stripping on exterior doors and windows
  • Winterize your pool or hot tub
  • Turn off the water supply to outdoor taps after the taps have been left open to drain completely. Leave the taps in the open position until the spring
  • Always clear snow away from the foundation of your house

Fall Tips for Preventing Water Damage – Inside Your Home

  • Check heat-duct and water-pipe insulation
  • Inspect any washing machine and dishwasher hoses for cracks or leaks, and clean the filters
  • Water shut-off valve - learn the location of it and learn how to use it
  • Have the furnace and air conditioner professionally serviced annually
  • Have any chimneys cleaned annually and repaired as needed

We hope you have found these tips for preventing water damage to your house helpful! As always if you have any questions or would like a no obligation insurance quote please contact Youngs Insurance today!

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Tips For Mitigating Risks

  • Each year have backwater valves checked to ensure they are in working order.
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