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Personal Watercraft Insurance: How to Protect Your Jet Ski This Summer

Posted May 10th, 2022 in Boat Insurance, Did You Know?, General, In the News, Insurance Tips, Media

Summer is right around the corner which means it’s time to dust off the jet skis and head out on the water!

Personal Watercraft Insurance: How to Protect Your Jet Ski This Summer

Before taking your jet ski out on the water this summer, find out why you need to have personal watercraft insurance to help protect yourself, your watercraft, and others that are enjoying the water. 

What is a Personal Watercraft?

A personal watercraft is defined as a small, recreational vessel where the individual is kneeling, lying, standing, or sitting on the vessel, as opposed to being inside of it.

What is Personal Watercraft Insurance? 

Personal watercraft insurance is insurance that may protect the operator against liability claims if their watercraft causes injury to others or destroys another person’s property. Some watercraft insurance policies may also offer coverage for stolen, damaged, or destroyed personal watercrafts. 

Why do I Need Insurance for my Personal Watercraft?

Personal watercraft insurance will help to protect you once you head out on the water! Although personal watercraft insurance is not mandatory in most of Canada for those who use their watercraft for recreational use, it is highly recommended. At a minimum, liability insurance is suggested, but it is important to look at all your watercraft insurance coverage options. Just as a boat owner would have boat insurance, acquiring insurance for your watercraft will help protect you from paying out of pocket for the entirety of the costs if you injure someone or their property while using your watercraft, or if there is theft or damage to your watercraft.

What will be Covered by Personal Watercraft Insurance?

There are a variety of personal watercraft insurance options that offer different amounts of coverage. A personal watercraft insurance policy will cover injury of third parties or damage to their property that has been caused by your personal watercraft. If you have comprehensive watercraft insurance, this policy may cover personal liability, as well as damage to your watercraft if any of the following events occur:

-           Theft

-           Fire

-           Some natural disasters

-           Accidents

The details of your personal watercraft insurance policy will determine the exact amount of coverage you will have in each category. There are also add-on options available for personal watercraft insurance. Some of these options may include:

-           Watersport liability

-           Personal property coverage (personal items)

-           Trailer coverage

-           Environmental damage

-           Total loss replacement (often for newer models only)

-           Ingestion coverage (may cover damage from the jet ski sucking up water that has weeds, rope or other garbage that damages your watercraft.)

-           Emergency towing

By customizing your personal watercraft insurance policy, you will help to fully protect yourself and ensure your specific and individual insurance needs are met. We encourage you to speak with your Ontario Insurance Broker to find the best policy for your personal watercraft insurance needs!

Youngs Insurance Brokers is proud to insure boats and watercrafts through our FLOAT insurance program. We’ll take care of your watercraft insurance needs so you can enjoy being out on the water on your personal watercraft with peace of mind. 

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