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How to Make Sure Your Motorcycle is Ready for Spring Riding

Posted Apr 20th, 2022 in Did You Know?, General, In the News, Insurance Tips, Media, Motorcycle Insurance

With the arrival of spring and the warmer temperatures, many motorcycle owners are getting ready for their first motorcycle ride of the season. Before heading out, there are a few important steps to take to make sure your motorcycle is ready for the road.

How to Make Sure Your Motorcycle is Ready for Spring Riding

Even if you have ensured to winterize your bike properly with appropriate cleaning and storage methods, there are still some spring maintenance tasks that need to be done before you head out on a ride. 

Spring Maintenance Tasks for Your Motorcycle 

Check Your Tires

This spring maintenance task is essential before going on any ride, especially on the first of the season, and it is easy to do! Try to make a habit of conducting a tire check before you get on your motorcycle, every time. Be sure to look at any indication of wear and tear. This will include bars or bumps in your tire groove, cracks, or noticeable flat spots. You should also measure the air pressure and ensure the tires are inflated to the recommended setting. If your tires are not in good condition, replace them now before your first ride so your motorcycle is in the best condition possible for the rest of the riding season.

Top Up on Fluids

Changing fluids may be a messy job, but it is an important one so your motorcycle can handle the upcoming riding season with ease. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the kind of oil used, how often to change it, and how much to fill. Brake fluid should be replaced at least every two to three years. If you didn’t get your oil changed in the fall, now is the best time to do so. Be sure to check your coolant levels as well.

Inspect The Lights and Horn

Be sure to test your headlights, brake lights, turn signals, and flashers before you take your first motorcycle ride. These are all essential safety elements on your bike that should be a priority on your spring maintenance to-do list. Also, take a look at any wiring for signs of damage, wear, or even corrosion.

Change Your Brake Pads

Make sure to ensure there is a lot of wear left on your motorcycle's brake pads. You can do so by shining a flashlight on them, if you can’t see the wear bars, remove, inspect, and clean them. When testing your brake pads, you shouldn’t hear any squealing or scraping noises. If it is necessary, change out your brake pads.

Tidy Up Your Tool Kit

You may be using your motorcycle tool kit frequently throughout the riding season, so take some time this spring to tidy it up and ensure all of your tools are in working condition. Clean any dirty tools and ensure there is no rust.

Get Your Riding Gear in Order

Motorcycle clothing and gear are often overlooked when it comes to ensuring safety while riding. Be sure to inspect your motorcycle helmet, as it is the most important thing you will be wearing when riding. If you’ve had your helmet for about five years or more, it is likely time to buy a new one, even if your current one looks fine.

Update Your Motorcycle Insurance

Don’t go riding this spring without ensuring your motorcycle insurance is up to date and valid. Motorcycle insurance is one of the best ways to stay protected and it is mandatory in Canada. Basic motorcycle insurance protects you from third-party liability, accidents, and covers medical costs and damages if an uninsured rider is at fault. You also have the option of additional coverage options including collision, comprehensive, specified perils, and all perils. Each motorcycle insurance policy will be unique, so make sure to contact your Insurance Broker before your first ride to discuss what is and is not covered, and make any adjustments if needed.

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