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Shocking Reasons Why Your Car Might Get Stolen

Posted Oct 7th, 2020 in ADVICE, CARINSURANCE

Reasons Why Your Car Might Get Stolen, SnapQuote Insurance, Ontario

On average, a car is stolen in Canada every six minutes. We’ve compiled a list of reasons why your car is more vulnerable to theft and what you can do to prevent it from being targeted by a thief.

Worried that a thief might steal your car? Check out the common reasons why people's cars get stolen. 

4 Simple Reasons Why Your Car Is More Susceptible To Theft

Hate To Break It To You, But… You Could Be The Reason

Unfortunately, many cars are stolen because of the owner’s forgetfulness or by being too trusting. Don’t leave your car running, don’t leave your doors unlocked, and don’t leave your valuables in plain sight. A lot of people keep their garage door openers in their cars, so if you leave your car unlocked because you think there's nothing to steal, the thief now has access to your home, and to any personal information you might have in the glove box. Always keep your car locked!

Where Your Car Is Parked

Are you parked in a well-lit area at night or in a parking garage that has 24-hour supervision? If your car is parked in your driveway, do you have a home camera or security system? Sometimes parking your car in a dark alleyway and/or in the middle of nowhere could increase the chances of car theft.

The Model Of Your Car

There are Honda cars, and Ford and Chevrolet pickups that have made it to the list of most-stolen vehicles across the world, year after year. Older cars are popular and some would argue easier to break into, mainly for their parts. New cars are often stolen to be sold overseas.

You Don’t Have An Alarm Or Tracking System

With technology and the new ways cars are being stolen, it’s worth it to invest in some sort of car security system. Nowadays, it can even send notifications to your phone with all sorts of alerts. Plus, most include a tracking system now, so if your car was stolen, you can track its location.

You could be doing everything right and your car just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, but we hope the above reasons get you thinking at least! If you're looking for more ways to prevent car theft, check this out

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