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Fall Boating Safety Tips to Remember

Posted Oct 7th, 2020 in Boat Insurance, Did You Know?, General, In the News, Insurance Tips, Media

It’s that time of year again and boating season is quickly coming to an end. We’ve shared some common fall boat safety tips you need to remind yourself of before hitting the lake.

Fall Boating Safety Tips to Remember, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

The fall season comes far too quickly. Take a look at our top boat safety tips to ensure you have an enjoyable ride while staying out of harm’s way!

Three Helpful Fall Boating Safety Tips

#1 Inspect your boat

It’s important to check your boat throughout the summer, but sometimes we forget to do this as the season comes to a close. We’re here to remind you of this very crucial step to a safe ride. Ensure there are no cracks or other obvious damage. Double-check your engine, lights, and any other spare parts are all working.

#2 Pack essential safety supplies

Don’t get lazy with safety supplies just because it’s the end of the season. Wearing a life jacket keeps everyone safe and at ease. You should ensure that there are enough life jackets for each passenger and that they fit properly, as they aren’t one-size-fits-all.

An emergency kit is also an essential safety item. Make sure you include extra fuel, clothes, snacks, spare parts, flashlights, flares, drinking water, and a first aid kit!

#3 Plan ahead

Having a plan ahead of time can really be your saving grace! Make sure to check the weather before jumping into your boat so you’re aware of potential weather warnings and fog forecasts.

Another way to stay safe and prepare before departure is to have a set rescue plan. Tell some friends and family where you plan on going, when you will leave, and how long you expect to be so your whereabouts is known in case you find yourself stranded or in trouble. Finally, remember to fill up your engine - as winter approaches, marinas, and fuel docks may begin to close earlier.

If you’re looking for other ways to enjoy the fall season, we highly recommend you check out these stunning drives throughout Ontario.

Safety is always the priority – regardless of the time of year and how comfortable you may feel on the water. Stay focused, be prepared, and enjoy your fall boating trips this season.



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