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What To Know About Car Insurance While At College

Posted Sep 2nd, 2020 in CARINSURANCE

What To Know About Car Insurance While At College, SnapQuote Insurance, Ontario

Are you a student who's headed to college this fall? Here are some car insurance reminders.

Trust us, don't wait until you've graduated and you're officially 'adulting' to understand your car insurance policies and that you're getting the best rates.

Car Insurance Reminders For Students

Tell your parents to reconsider taking you off their insurance as a temporary driver.

Yes, you'll be away and not driving their car as often, so some people think they can save money by removing a kid from their insurance for the time being. But, as a student, when you’re home for the holidays, you’ll likely need the car to go catch up with friends, and you don’t want to be driving uninsured. Also, when there are significant gaps in time where you go uninsured, the next time you go to get a quote, it will likely be a higher rate.

Bringing a car with you to college? Check this out. 

Whether you're on your own insurance or your parents, tell your car insurance provider where the car will be temporarily located during the school year. Depending on where you’re headed or where you’re parking the car may affect your rate. If you’re going to a school out of the province, it may affect your car insurance because different provinces have different rules.  

Check eligibility for student discounts. 

Some insurance providers have discounts for students who are living and attending a school within a certain radius from their permanent home address, discounts have even been provided when a certain GPA is maintained, and if you’ve successfully completed a driving school course you may get a lower rate. Hey, maybe your broker is an alum of the school you're headed to. Worth a shot to ask!

Because of age and inexperience, there's no way to really get around paying a bit more. But, there are ways to save money on your car insurance while being a student. To get the best car insurance for college students, shop around and try to fully understand what each policy covers. 

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