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Tips to Avoid Spring Driving Hazards You Need to Learn Now

Posted Apr 6th, 2020 in Media, General, Insurance Tips, Auto Insurance, Did You Know?, In the News

Fortunately, winter weather is behind us! As we welcome spring, we must be aware of seasonal weather hazards that negatively impact driving. 

Tips to Avoid Spring Driving Hazards You Need to Learn Now, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

Spring may seem like a great time to roll the window down and take a drive while belting out your favourite song. But, it’s important to remember there are a lot of spring driving hazards to be aware of.

In addition, considering April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, we are here to make sure you stay safe and alert on the roads this spring.

4 Spring Driving Hazards to Watch For

Hazard 1 | Hail

Hailstorms happen often in the spring and they can damage windshields, affect visibility, and make the roads slippery.

Hazard 2 | Animals

Animals coming out of hibernation and those entering mating season leads to increased animal activity in the spring. Watch for animals crossing roads and don't follow too closely in case the car in front of you needs to stop for an animal.

Hazard 3 | Bicycles & Motorcycles

The beautiful spring weather brings out cyclists and motorcyclists and they can be one of the biggest hazards.  Ensure you are sharing the road and use caution when approaching them.

Hazard 4 | Rain and Flooding

April showers may bring spring flowers but, along with those showers come some hazardous road conditions. Watch for wet and slippery roads as a wet road can require almost 4 times the required stopping distance.

Hopefully, we have opened your eyes to some hazards you may not have been aware of. Read our tips for safe spring driving to help mitigate any spring driving issues.  

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