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Understand Personal Insurance Liability Coverage Before You Regret It

Posted Jan 16th, 2019 in CARINSURANCE

Understand Personal Insurance Liability Coverage Before You Regret It, SnapQuote Insurance

In an instant, you could be involved in an accident that would impact the rest of your life. The difficult part is imagining how much financial destruction this could potentially cause you if you don’t have adequate insurance in place. That’s why it’s vital you have a $2 million liability limit on your policy.

What is the ‘Liability Limit’ On Your Policy?

Within your personal insurance policy, the liability portion provides protection if you are involved in an at-fault automobile accident or should a loss occur where you are sued for bodily injury, fatality or property damage (that you are legally responsible for).

This coverage provides the cost of a defense and pays a post-judgment settlement up to the limit of liability you have purchased on your policy.

Understanding the Implications

Understandably, when we haven’t experienced something it makes it difficult to comprehend. As your trusted broker, we believe it’s our duty to provide you with the information you require to make educated decisions when it comes to your auto and property insurance.

That is why it’s imperative you have a $2 million liability limit or greater on your policy.  On your next renewal, you may notice your liability limit increased to $2 million.

We recognize the implications of not being adequately insured and are strongly recommending our clients carry a minimum of a $2 million liability limit on their auto and property insurance.

A Great Example of Why a Higher Liability Limit Is Important

Here is a scenario to help you understand the importance of increasing your liability limit to $2 Million or higher on your personal insurance policies.

Scenario >> You are driving and hit a cyclist, causing him to break both of his legs. At this time you only have a liability limit of $1 million on your auto policy. In a lawsuit against you, the courts award the cyclist a judgement of $1.8 million.  Taking all costs into account, your insurance carrier takes on the responsibility of $1 million (as per the policy limit).  That leaves a remaining $800,000 that you are personally responsible for. If this were to happen, would you have $800,000 to personally pay out?

Now you see how vital it is that your liability limit be high enough to cover potential expenses because if it's not sufficient, you become personally responsible. You can reduce your financial exposure by increasing your personal liability coverage.

We recommend our policyholders carry a minimum of a $2 million liability limit on all personal insurance policies.


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