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3 Facts Nobody Told You About Summer Car Issues

Posted Jun 13th, 2018 in Media, General, Insurance Tips, Auto Insurance, Did You Know?, In the News

With the summer weather finally here, we can start enjoying summer road trips and late-night drives. Although, with summer driving comes potential car issues that can impact your trip, so before you take off, read our helpful tips!

3 Facts Nobody Told You About Summer Car Issues, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

When it comes to summer driving, the following recommendations to avoid the top 3 car issues will help you navigate your summer travels. 

1 | Extra Driving Preparations

Everyone drives more in the summer months - they vacation, drive to the cottage, participate in fun activities, visit friends, etc. However, the reality is the more you are on the road the higher risk you have in being involved in a collision and experiencing car issues. 

If you plan on driving this summer make sure you are alert on road trips, plan multiple breaks, allowing you to rest your eyes and take a quick break. Have an emergency kit in your car at all times, so if needed you have the necessary equipment readily available in your car.

2 | Vehicle Maintenance

With extra driving, there is a greater need for vehicle maintenance. Before any road trip bring your car in for a tune-up and oil change. Before leaving check your tire pressure, engine coolant, transmission fluid, and fill up your windshield washer fluid.  Checking your car before you leave could help avoid any unwanted delays on your trip.

3 | Potholes and road conditions

Road conditions become worse when there is more wear and tear on roads. In the summer months, you will tend to see more and more potholes. The best thing to do when you see them to avoid any damage to your vehicle is to drive the speed limit, this will lessen your impact and you will be able to adhere to the road conditions better.

We hope these recommendations help you avoid any issues during your summer road trips. 

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