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The Value in Keeping your Vehicle Well Maintained

Posted Jan 14th, 2016 in General, Insurance Tips, Auto Insurance, Did You Know?

There are many benefits to keeping your vehicle well maintained; most importantly is vehicle safety and habits that will help reduce costs.  To keep you informed of the value in keeping your vehicle well maintained we have created tips for you to follow.

Understanding your vehicle and what it requires to perform efficiently is the first step in keeping your vehicle well maintained.The Value In Maintaining Your Vehicle | Youngs Insurance | Ontario Furthermore, there are many preventative measures you can take to extend your vehicle’s longevity, which ultimately saves you money by reducing your vehicle costs.

Tips for keeping your vehicle well maintained

Check Your Brakes Often

Check your brakes (brake pads and rotors) often, as they have a lot of wear and tear and are required to slow your vehicle down. When your brake pads start to thin and your rotors become damaged it is important that you replace them ensuring no further incidents and avoiding the costs associated with them.

Change Fluids and Filters

Review your vehicle’s owner manual to determine when you have to change your automatic transmission and brake fluid. This is typically required every 50,000 – 100,000 km. It is essential you follow and regularly change your vehicles fluids and filters.

Tire Maintenance

Ensure you engage in regular tire maintenance, especially if you have an all wheel drive vehicle, or all season tires. Rotating your tires is critical to the longevity and effectiveness of your tires.

Check Your Electrical System

Knowing your vehicle’s electrical system will help you assess any issues that arise, for example, if you know your car battery is fully charged but you are still having issues with your engine turning over there may be an issue with your starter motor.

Regular Repairs and Maintenance

It is useful to establish a relationship with your local mechanic or vehicle repair shop. Once you have established a relationship it makes maintaining your vehicle much simpler, as they will advise you of any preventative maintenance. Ultimately, saving you money in the long term and extending your vehicle’s lifespan.

These tips have been adapted from Intact Insurance.

Keeping your vehicle well maintained will ultimately reduce costs.  We hope that you have found value in our vehicle maintenance tips. If you would like a no obligation quote on your car insurance, please click here or contact us today!

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