The Most Effective Vehicle Safety Features

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It is safe to say that vehicle safety has improved significantly over the past 20 years. This is due in large part to auto manufactures dedication to improving vehicle safety features, which are reducing the number of fatalities throughout Ontario.

Vehicle engineering and technology has evolved rapidly in recent years.Most Effective Vehicle Safety Features | Youngs Insurance | Ontario In particular, the introduction of several new safety features, such as lane change warnings, collision avoidance systems, parking assistance and much more.

But which features are the most effective in maximizing your safety when operating your vehicle?

Here are the most effective safety features in your vehicle

  • Seat Belts – prevent you from exiting your vehicle in an accident and reduce the risk of colliding with the windshield, dashboard or steering wheel.
  • Air Bags – aim to protect you from colliding with the door, objects, windshield, dashboard or steering wheel – they are created to assist with the impact of an accident.
  • Antilock Brake System (ABS) – prevents a vehicle’s wheels from locking up while braking, they assist the driver with maintaining their steering control.
  • Head Injury Protection – the interior of your vehicle is equipped with energy absorbing material, which is most likely not visible but provides head injury protection.
  • All Wheel Drive – provides all wheels with equal power, maximizing traction.

When you are searching for your next vehicle be sure to check all the additional safety features, they could save your life! At Youngs Insurance we pride ourselves on providing our customers with quality information.  If you would like a no obligation quote on your car insurance, please click here or contact us today!

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