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Are you a collector? Over the years have you collected art, comic books, coins, stamps, and jewelry or sports cards? If you feel your collection has value, we strongly suggest you have its value appraised and review your insurance coverage.

youngs insurance report on ensuring your collections are protected and covered by your insuranceAfter having it appraised, you may consider having your collection added to your homeowners insurance as it may require special coverage. It makes sense to protect your investment!

The reason it is essential to speak with your insurance broker is because you need to know if your collection is covered by your current homeowner’s policy or if there is a limit amount that will be paid. If you require additional special insurance coverage for your collection, it is better to find out before it is too late.

Professional collectors also suggest that you have your collection assessed yearly when you are renewing your insurance policy coverage, considering collections tend to increase and decrease in value frequently.

We hope this blog has opened your eyes to the importance of protecting your personal treasures. If you have any questions regarding your insurance coverage or would like a no obligation insurance quote please contact us today!

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