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Meaningful Holiday Gifts for Women Who Ride

Posted Dec 2nd, 2020 in Motorcycling Tips

The women in your life who ride motorcycles deserve the perfect holiday gift! We know all too well how tough those gifts are to find, so we've shared some of the best holiday gift ideas to make your life easier.

Meaningful Holiday Gifts for Women Who Ride, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

Make the women who ride in your life feel special and loved this holiday season with the perfect gifts. Show them you care about their interest in riding motorcycles by checking out some of our ideas.

Five Awesome Holiday Gifts for Women Riders  

1. Multitools 

Since every rider should carry a set of multitools, this is always a great holiday gift! Multitools are a necessity and extremely useful because you never know when you’ll need to do some small, quick repairs while out for a ride. There are so many options to choose from; some can be hooked onto your keychain, while others can be placed in a bag or pocket. 

2. Bags 

A good quality bag that is the right size to fit all the riding necessities while being compact enough for a comfortable ride is something we all need. There are many different fits and styles so you’re likely to find one that is the perfect gift for her.

3. Books

Books about motorcycles and the riding lifestyle are a great gift, especially at this time of year since sometimes the winter weather may prevent us from riding. Having a book about motorcycles to read means she can still spend her time thinking about what she loves even if she can’t get out and ride.

4. Jewellery and Apparel

Since there are so many different brands and items to choose from in this department, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite Canadian brands that women who ride are sure to love. Check out the links below for great holiday gift ideas for her!

5. Gear

Gear is often expensive, however, if you are looking to splurge, brand new gear is always a good choice for a surprise gift. You could also look into adding to her collection of clothing for colder weather riding so she can enjoy some more rides on her motorcycle after the holidays! 

Buying holiday gifts for others can be difficult but since you know her interest in riding runs deep, we can bet that any of the gifts we’ve mentioned will be sure to put a smile on her face. 


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