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How To Safely Celebrate The Holidays During Covid-19

Posted Dec 2nd, 2020 in ADVICE

How To Safely Celebrate The Holidays During Covid19, SnapQuote Insurance, Ontario

Family, friends, and holiday parties go together like turkey and gravy. This year, with Covid-19, we must put our health first. Here are some safe ways to celebrate!

Looking for creative ways to still stay in the holiday spirit during Covid-19? Read below to find out how you can still celebrate!

How to Celebrate the Holiday in Covid-19 Style

1 | Winter Walks

Grab a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and head out for a socially distanced outdoor walk with the friends and family you’d normally be spending the holiday evenings with. It seems really simple, but this year especially, we have to celebrate the small wins. 

2 | Take Advantage Of The Festive Covid-19 Friendly Events

Communities have done what they can to still keep the holiday spirit alive, from a safe distance. There are drive-thru holiday lights tunnels, drive-in distanced movie theatres playing holiday films, and we've even heard of drive-thru holiday parades.

3 | Carry Out Traditions As Best You Can

You can still enjoy activities and traditions that brought you joy every other year. This year, you might have to bake an apple pie without Grandma, deliver it to her doorstep and enjoy it on Facetime with her later. You can still cut down and decorate a tree if that’s what you’re used to. This holiday season doesn’t need to be boring or lack holiday traditions, it’s just different. Who knows, maybe you'll even invent a new tradition this year!

4 | Go Virtual

As a result of Covid-19, this year has really allowed us to tap into all the virtual platforms offered to us. Get family and friends together and play some games online or share some laughs on a video call. Wherever you are in the world, you can still feel together and celebrate virtually.

5 | Summertime Christmas

It might be wishful thinking… but can we postpone our large holiday festivities to summertime? Instead of a winter wonderland, let's celebrate together by the pool or lake and open gifts in the sunshine!

If you are staying home and you are alone this year, remember to take care of your mental health and use the virtual spaces we have at our fingertips. Thank you for doing your part to slow the spread of Covid-19 and for keeping your loved ones safe.

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