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Understanding Motorcycle Insurance Limitations Will Change Your Life

Posted Oct 28th, 2020 in Motorcycling Tips

Motorcycle insurance, like all other insurance, has potential limitations you should know about that can affect your ability to be covered.

Understanding Motorcycle Insurance Limitations Will Change Your Life, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

You must put yourself in the best possible position to be eligible for insurance and to be insured at a reasonable rate. We have some tips to help ensure you are in the best position to obtain motorcycle insurance.

Potential Motorcycle Insurance Limitations

Driving History

Past convictions or losses can hinder your ability to be insured or have you labeled as a high-risk driver, which comes with significantly higher premiums.


Altering your motorcycle, such as making modifications to the frame, suspension, and engine, will often result in you becoming ineligible for insurance.

Legal Issues

On top of driving infractions, being convicted of fraud can be a limitation in successfully securing motorcycle insurance. A history of non-payment is another good way to make sure you won’t be eligible for motorcycle insurance. 

Type of Motorcycle

It will be very difficult to insure a motorcycle that has been manufactured for racing and/or jumping.

Country of Origin

Purchasing a bike from outside of North America from a company that does not have established distribution in North America can limit your ability to insure the motorcycle. 

It’s very important to make sure you don’t limit yourself when it comes to motorcycle insurance. We hope the above information can help you do that! If you have any questions about motorcycle insurance be sure to contact a StreetRider representative.


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