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Shocking Motorcycle Insurance Secrets No One Will Tell You

Posted Jul 16th, 2018 in Motorcycling Tips

You’ve most likely noticed that the cost of your motorcycle insurance has increased. However, do you know how to ensure you get the best rate and coverage possible?

Shocking Motorcycle Insurance Secrets No One Will Tell You, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

To combat increasing insurance rates, we’ve outlined industry secrets that can help!

The reason insurance is becoming increasingly higher for motorcycles, is due to the greater risk associated with riding one. Ultimately, there is a significantly higher potential for catastrophic injury when riding a motorcycle. Check out the following tips to help both reduce your risk of injury and costs associated with motorcycle insurance.

#1 Rider training course

The easiest thing you can do while waiting to get your M2 is a rider training course. Insurance companies offer huge discounts for people who complete the course. And if that wasn’t enough, the course also teaches you valuable strategies that could potentially save your life.

#2 Pick the bike that’s best for you

Sure having a brand new Ducati Superleggera would be amazing but at what cost...Faster bikes are more dangerous due to their higher horsepower. Choosing a larger touring bike can help reduce the cost.

#3 Clean riding record

Just like your car insurance the more tickets and accidents on your record, the higher your motorcycle insurance will be. Insurance companies see customers in terms of risk, and low-risk customers have demonstrated they’re less likely to experience a loss.

#4 Speak with a trusted Insurance Broker

Speaking with a StreetRider Insurance Broker can have a major impact on the quality and cost of your insurance. Perhaps, you could be eligible for discounts that you aren’t aware of. Not to mention, they can ensure you have the proper accident benefit coverage you need to protect yourself.

The biggest secret of all when it comes to motorcycle insurance is that a cheap premium can be the most expensive insurance you’ve ever had if you experience a catastrophic loss. Make sure you have the right coverage in place that protects everything that matters to you.


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