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How To Keep Cool While Reducing Energy Costs This Summer

Posted Jul 8th, 2020 in ADVICE

How To Keep Cool While Reducing Energy Costs This Summer, SnapQuote Insurance, Ontario

Whether you are trying to find more efficient ways to be eco-friendly, or want to save on your energy bills this summer, or both, we’ve compiled a small guide on how to do so.

As Ontarians, we welcome summer with open arms. Yet, the largest part of your energy bill comes from cooling down your house. We've broken down some ways to keep from sweating while saving some money.  

8 Summer Energy Savings Tips

1 | Check your AC

Have an old air conditioner or one that has been neglected of its maintenance check-ups? Call an HVAC technician to come by and make sure your AC is doing its job as efficiently as possible. Your air filter might need replacing, and this is an easy and effective step to reduce your AC’s energy usage.

2 | Control Your Thermostat

For every degree you lower your thermostat, it increases energy usage. So, keep it set at a temperature that is comfortable during the summer. Make sure your thermostat is set higher while people are out at work or when you’re on vacation, too. Also, lowering the temperature when you're sweating while the AC is already working won’t cool your house any faster and can result in energy waste.

3 | Fans And AC: Dynamic Duo

Running a fan all day every day along with your AC will save you money. Remember, fans don’t create cold air, they blow the existing air around. So, if you have your AC set to a reasonably low temperature, the fans can provide an extra sense of refreshing comfort.

4 | LED Blubs

LED lights are the most energy-efficient lighting option. According to Just Energy, they use 75% less energy, last 25 times longer, and run much cooler. They are more of an investment up front, but worth it in the long run.

5 | Use Your BBQ

Using your oven in the summer adds heat to your house and forces your AC to work harder. Using the BBQ and having dinner outside is popular for a reason! Get outside and enjoy the summer evening.

6 | Save Water

Your washing machine, dryer, and dishwasher use a lot of water and generate a lot of heat. Use cold water to do your washing and if you can, avoid using the dryer entirely and hang your clothes outside to dry. You also won’t be needing as much hot water in the summer, so remember to turn down your water heater temperature to save you some money each month. Oh, and only water your lawn or garden and turn on sprinklers at dusk or dawn!

7 | Close Your Blinds

Having your curtains closed helps stop the sun from shining through and heating up rooms, so your AC won't run for so long.

8 | Get A Diffuser

A dehumidifier (there are energy-efficient brands) helps lower your energy usage. Your AC doesn’t have to work as hard to combat both heat and humidity.

Hopefully, one of these efficient energy saving tips can fit your lifestyle and help you beat the heat this summer! 

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