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How To Limit A Case Of The Winter Blues

Posted Feb 5th, 2020 in ADVICE

How To Limit A Case Of The Winter Blues, SnapQuote Insurance, Ontario

Unfortunately, winter brings less sunlight, cold temperatures, and holiday expenses, which can add up and cause us to feel stressed and sluggish. Here are some tips to combat this season’s winter blues.

We’ve compiled a few tips that may help you overcome those days during winter when it's extra cold, stressful, or blue.

5 Ways To Feel Less Blue This Winter

1 | Make Time For Yourself

Most of us would have had a busy month or so with holiday occasions and get-togethers. It’s important to stay connected to our loved ones, but it’s equally as important to give yourself time alone to decompress before becoming stressed and overwhelmed. Sleep in, cook yourself your favourite meal, have a bath. Prioritize relaxing downtime for yourself, we all deserve it. 

2 | Light Therapy

During winter, we aren't usually getting sufficient amounts of exposure to sunlight and vitamin D. You can purchase a bedside or desk lamp that provides you with an artificial bright light that mimics natural outdoor light. According to Healthline, experts believe light therapy triggers the production of serotonin, our “feel good” chemical in our brain.  

3 | Get A Plant

There are many benefits of owning plants. According to Healthline, plant ownership can lower levels of anxiety, increase productivity, reduces levels of stress, boost mood and provide comfort, and that extra level of greenery can even spark more creativity! Taking care of something, watching it grow, and knowing you are responsible for that growth is pretty cool. Is it just me, or do plants remind you of warmer weather, too?

4 | 10-10-10 Rule

This tip reminds us to dedicate time to our bodies at least three times a day for ten minutes each. It could be ten minutes of stretching, a quick walk around the block, or a ten-minute meditation. When it's cold out during winter, it can be harder to get outside or get moving or be motivated to do things that make your body and mind feel good. The more we neglect this, the more stressed our bodies may become.

5| Read A Book

Mental stimulation, stress reduction, increased knowledge, memory improvement, and improved connection and tranquility, are only a few benefits of reading stated by Catherine Winter, who says we should be reading every day. Besides, what’s more comforting than being cozied up by the fireplace in the middle of a cold winter, warm hot chocolate in one hand, book in the other?

You're not alone if the cold winter seems as if it's been around for ages and isn't coming to an end. Hopefully, our tips make coping with the winter blues a little easier! 

If you are feeling more than a little down and have persistent depressive symptoms, please contact your doctor.

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