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Techniques to Share the Road with Motorcycles

Posted Aug 15th, 2018 in CARINSURANCE

Techniques to Share the Road with Motorcycles, SnapQuote Insurance

Even though summer’s coming to an end (we’re so sad), you can expect to continue seeing motorcycles on the road.

When it comes to the summer months, we start seeing more motorcycles on the road. Have you noticed that many drivers seem nervous driving near motorcyclists? We have and it’s alarming and makes for dangerous driving.

Often, motorcycles are fast and riders sometimes change lanes extremely quickly. We normally don’t see them until the last minute. Here are some tips on how to drive safely around motorcycles this summer.

Leave Space

Avoid getting too close or tailgating any motorcycle or car. If you leave lots of space, you will have time to brake and avoid an accident.

Check Blind Spots

Motorcycles are smaller and can hide in your blind spots very easily so you should constantly look around and check your blind spots.

Be Alert at All Times

Keep your eyes open for motorcycles, especially if you are driving on the highway. They make sudden movements that allow you to lose track of where they are on the roads.

Watch for Signals

Turn signals on some motorcycles are not noise-canceling and so they are left on in error.  If you leave space and are aware of where they are, you will be able to observe their signals.

Summertime always brings out more motorcyclists so avoid any distractions while driving and be alert to your surroundings - this way everyone will stay safe!


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