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How to Keep Cyclists Safe This Summer | #SharetheRoad

Posted Aug 8th, 2018 in CARINSURANCE

How to Keep Cyclists Safe This Summer, SnapQuote Insurance

This time of year, cyclists are around every turn, hill and stop. Sharing the road with those who choose to get around on their bicycles isn’t difficult as long as you know how.

Introducing the #SharetheRoad Campaign

This campaign has been around for a while and yet most aren’t aware, nor do they share the road. The campaign aims to educate drivers on how to interact with cyclists on the road and help keep cyclists safe. Last year there were 1,083  reported pedestrian collisions as of June 1st.  That’s approximately one crash every 2.5 hours. We can do better!

Passing a cyclist on the road is one of the more difficult things to do. You never know just how close your mirrors are to potentially knock them off their bicycle.

#SharetheRoad - an easy solution:

  • Straddle the centerline or be completely in the other lane before passing the cyclist. 
  • Always look to see if there is oncoming traffic.
  • When passing uphill wait until you are past the peak before passing, this will keep both you and the cyclist safe from any head-on collisions.

Other variables to be aware of

If you are parking in the city take a quick look outside your window before getting out of the car. Cyclists can’t predict when you are going to leave your car, so make it easier for them by waiting until they pass.

Roads aren’t just meant for cars. Cyclists have the right to ride without having to worry. This summer season and those to come, please take that extra minute to keep our roads safe.


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