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Helpful Tips to Avoid Aggressive Driving

Posted Jul 18th, 2018 in CARINSURANCE

Helpful Tips to Avoid Aggressive Driving, SnapQuote Insurance

Aggressive driving - everyone's done it...But was it your safest option? Read these helpful tips to avoid unnecessary accidents and avoid potentially increased insurance.

Plan ahead

Most people drive aggressively when they’re stressed or in a rush. A simple solution is to plan ahead so you don’t find yourself endangering yourself and others. Planning alternate routes to avoid traffic is another great way to stay stress-free. There is a helpful app called Waze that helps you avoid traffic.

Be Late

Sometimes it’s better to just be late. Things happen all the time that are out of our control, even if we plan ahead. Instead of hurrying to get to where you have to go, drive safe, not aggressive.

Be Alert

Always be on alert for reckless and aggressive drivers. Avoid them easily by safely switching lanes and ensuring you keep a safe distance. This will allow you to prevent potential accidents and arrive safely on-time.  

Report Incidents

Safety is the #1 priority while you are driving. Report incidents of aggressive driving to help keep your daily commutes safe. The O.P.P have made is very easy to report offences by going to their website and following the easy steps.

Set An Example

Have you ever been terrified in the car with someone, afraid they’d get into an accident? Well driving fast and aggressive isn’t cool, it’s dangerous. Being calm and respectful while in the car with passengers is a great way to set an example for future and current drivers.

Following these tips can help you avoid getting caught in stressful and dangerous situations. Keep roads safe by avoiding aggressive driving.  


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