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Why Your Messy Car Could Kill You

Posted Jul 11th, 2018 in CARINSURANCE

Why Your Messy Car Could Kill You, SnapQuote Insurance

We are all guilty of having a messy car every now and then. But, I bet you didn't think having a messy car could create a hazardous driving projectile situation.

Your messy car could hurt you.

It sounds weird but it’s true. Any loose objects in your car can be hazardous to you and any passengers, especially if you brake hard or get into an accident. 

What type of projectiles can hurt the most?

Interestingly, the Canadian Safety Council explains, when you brake suddenly, “a one-litre bottle of water could hit with a weight of 20 kilograms,”(44 pounds - ouch)! Not to mention, in the same brake scenario back seat groceries can, “hit you with the same force as if they had fallen from a two-storey building.”

Some other possible hazardous projectiles include both pets and humans not wearing seat belts. Although we understand they wouldn’t be directly considered the “messy” part of your car, they could ultimately be contributing to it. More importantly, we feel they provide a shocking visual, which has a higher probability of leaving an impact on you.

How can you prevent getting hurt…

If we’re staying on topic, you should do the following to prevent getting hurt by your messy car. If you were hoping we’d start randomly providing insight into how you can prevent getting hurt in romantic relationships, that would be another blog altogether…

Anyway, you can avoid hazardous car situations by always putting your junk in your trunk (that rhymes) and if that’s not possible, save up for a car barrier, Amazon sells a bunch!

Good luck out there, stay safe!


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