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Helpful Driving Safety Tips For Animal Crossings

Posted Jun 27th, 2018 in CARINSURANCE

Helpful Driving Safety Tips For Animal Crossings, SnapQuote Insurance

As tragic as it is to discuss, the summer is a dangerous time for animals crossing our roadways. In an effort to prevent any unnecessary deaths, we’re sharing helpful driving safety tips.

As stark animal activists and most important safe driving advocates, we thought it imperative to provide you with safety tips.

Check out our 3 simple driving safety tips to avoid animal casualties that you need to know about now.

#1 Summer is where it peaks…

According to the Canadian Safety Council, animal-vehicle collisions peak in the summer months. With more people driving on the roads and wildlife around it makes sense. The majority of animal collisions happen between dusk and dawn, keeping this in mind make sure you’re extra alert while driving during those times.

If you thought driving to the cottage either super early or late (to avoid traffic) was a good idea, it most likely is, but keep animal crossing in mind and scan the road and shoulders constantly.

#2 Watch for animal crossing signs

Those signs are posted for a reason, pay attention and drive accordingly. Yellow animal crossing signs indicate a higher volume of animal crossings in that area.

#3 What happens next can either be tragedy or…

The scenario: you’re driving on a rural road that you’re not overly familiar with and you’re pretty sure you see a deer on the shoulder in front of you. How you react to this situation is imperative.

The “right” answer to what to do next depends on two things; being able to slow down ahead of time and not being able to.

If you can, slow down and turn on your car’s flashers to warn other drivers. Continue driving very slowly and with extreme caution until you’ve passed the animal.

If you cannot slow down and it’s too late; complete the following steps from the Canadian Safety Council:

  1. Firmly brake, but DO NOT swerve
  2. Sound your horn in a series of short bursts
  3. If possible, steer around the animal with control, while remaining on the road

We hope these animal crossing safety driving tips come in handy should you need them.


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