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Are Millennials the Most Underinsured Generation?

Posted Jun 6th, 2018 in CARINSURANCE

Are Millennials the Most Underinsured Generation? SnapQuote Insurance

Believe it or not, we (millennials) are a difficult generation to sell insurance to. It’s important you know how simple it is to get a car insurance quote with SnapQuote.

Painting a picture of a ‘typical’ millennial

Most millennials today are financially dependant on their parents, with a significant number of us having to move home following post-secondary education. We need to ask ourselves why is this the case? Considering the low employment levels and poor economic situation, it’s very challenging to get a full-time job. Due to this a typical millennial simply cannot afford to live on their own - making it more challenging for us to acquire insurance.

How our tendencies impact our insurance choices

SnapQuote Insurance

Interestingly, millennials do research and we are a very informed consumer on many levels. Our generation is consumed by social media, and that’s why we prefer a faster way of getting things done. What does all of this have to do with insurance? Well, we’re always going to do our research and shop our insurance, and we want to get it done QUICK. 

That’s where SnapQuote Insurance steps up to the plate, I’m telling you, this product was MADE for us!!! You can shop your insurance each year, and in literally 6 seconds you get a quote from ALL major insurance carriers. That way you know, you have the best rate and it only takes 6 seconds of your time.

Trust us, getting a car or motorcycle insurance quote is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Try it today - 3 QUOTES. 1 CLICK. SNAPQUOTE INSURANCE. You’re welcome :)  


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