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4 Important Things to Know About Driving in School Zones

Posted May 9th, 2018 in CARINSURANCE

4 Important Things to Know About Driving in School Zones, SnapQuote Insurance

The nice weather has finally arrived, which means more children will be outside enjoying the weather. So, put safety first and follow our tips for driving in school zones.

With this glorious weather, more students will be walking home from school, rollerblading to a friend’s house, or simply playing on the front lawn. That’s why it’s important to remember how to drive in school zones and residential areas.

#1 Spotting a school zone

It’s simple to recognize you are driving in a school zone, as they feature flashing lights, speed bumps, and multiple signs. Stay alert, avoid talking on the phone (even via Bluetooth) and continue to scan the road as you proceed, as at any moment a child could jump out.

#2 Reduce your speed

Every school zone sign will include a reduced speed limit sign. Make sure you are aware of the upcoming school zone so you can safely reduce your speed and avoid slamming on the break last minute.

#3 Avoid school zones during peak times

When possible avoid school zones in the morning and mid-afternoon, as there is increased traffic during these times. If avoiding isn’t possible, be patient and stay alert.

#4 Watch for pedestrians

Always let pedestrians go first at a stop sign, traffic light or walkway. If you see a child running towards an intersection wait and allow them to cross the street safely.

Staying alert and taking your time while you are driving through school zones will ensure everyone makes it safely to their destination.


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