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When Should Your Winter Tires Come Off?

Posted Mar 14th, 2018 in CARINSURANCE

When Should Your Winter Tires Come Off? SnapQuote Insurance

When it comes to driving in Ontario we always need to ask ourselves, when is it safe to take off our winter tires?

We are in that awkward stage - it isn’t spring yet, but winter hasn’t fully ended either. Plus there is a potential that we could get hit with another winter storm!  Let’s be real, snow tires can make or break the look of your car, so as soon as we can get them off we will. This leads us to the next question...when is it safe to take off these winter tires?

When you see…

A consistent temperature of 7 degrees, according to KALTIRES, is a safe temperature to take off those snow tires. If you decide to keep your snow tires on, they will wear faster than you want them too.

Make sure…

Make sure to properly store your winter tires away for the summer. If you are careless in picking your storage area they may not be in good shape next year. Store them in a dry and cool place to prevent the tired from cracking or damaging.

Benefits to summer tires...

Believe it or not, summer tires will save you money on gas! I know saving money, especially on gas, is something we are all looking to do. Summer tires also have a lower rolling resistance than winter tires, which reduces your emissions and helps the environment.

So in short, don’t take off your winter tires until the weather stays consistently above 7 degrees!  Especially considering this is Ontario and they are calling for snow well into April!


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