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Give Back | Ladybird Animal Sanctuary

Posted Nov 15th, 2017 in GIVEBACKONTARIO

Give Back to Ladybird Animal Sanctuary, SnapQuote Insurance

Giving back has never felt so good…especially when it means helping adorable animals!  Get involved and give back to Ladybird Animal Sanctuary.

100% of the proceeds are used to help save animals.

The Ladybird Animal Sanctuary was established by three best friends in Hamilton, Ontario, with the goal of saving animals that are under threat of being euthanized at high-kill shelters.  They believe that every animal is worth saving and we couldn’t agree more!  We love that Ladybird Animal Sanctuary is a voice for abandoned, abused and neglected animals. 

Together with volunteers, foster homes, educators, animal lovers and the generosity of donors, they’re helping eliminate the unnecessary suffering of domestic animals in local high-kill shelters.  These animals are housed in private homes by volunteer foster families in the Hamilton, Ontario area. 

Ladybird Animal Sanctuary rescues cats, dogs, small animals and farm animals.

This Christmas, you can help, too!

There are several ways you can get involved this holiday season and you can start by doing some of your holiday shopping at Ladybird Animal Sanctuary.


Compassionate & talented!

Ladybird Animal Sanctuary founders, Lisa Winn, Melissa McClelland and Janine Stoll are not only extremely compassionate they are very talented musically!  They have toured Canada and recorded an album as the Ladybird Sideshow Project.  We are inspired to know that these talented ladies are using their platform to promote the amazing work they do.  We love to see this kind of passion!

We hope we’ve inspired you to check out the great work Ladybird Animal Sanctuary is doing throughout Ontario. If you're interested in volunteering, donating or promoting we’d greatly appreciate it!

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