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Can A Hacker Outsmart A Smart Car?

Posted Jul 17th, 2017 in General, Insurance Tips, Auto Insurance, Did You Know?, In the News

As technology advances, cars become smarter and feature more ‘smart technology.’ However, with increased connectedness comes privacy concerns. So we ask, can a hacker outsmart a smart car?

Did you know that ABI Research estimated that by 2017, more than 60 percent of new cars will have connected capabilities? Smart technology surrounds us and while it seems to make our lives easier we must concern ourselves with the possibility that we may be giving hackers easy access.

Is Smart Technology making things safer?

Can A Hacker Outsmart A Smart Car? Youngs Insurance, Ontario

Smart technology claims to be making driving safer and more enjoyable. It can improve vehicle performance and diagnostic capabilities. Infotainment devices give cars more communication, information, and entertainment capabilities. For example, wearable devices for drivers are a new trend that increases the communication between cars and people. Similar to smartphones, safety advocates worry that infotainment technologies have security vulnerabilities. 

Identifying possible smart car vulnerabilities.

Researchers have worked to identify possible smart car vulnerabilities. They found that a car’s vital systems can be taken over by plugging a device into the onboard diagnostics port under the dashboard. Also, independent operating computers are all connected through an in-car communications network, making it possible to attack the car through its telematics system. Here, an MP3 that contains malware can infect many different functions of the vehicle.

How Real Is the Threat?

The threat of hacking has evolved with technology. It would take a skilled cyber-criminal to hack a vehicle using a laptop, but it can become easier as cars become more connected. Trend Mirco warns about the risk of cars being hacked, and the potential fatality of this threat. Automakers continue to take steps to make smart cars more secure.

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