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Crossing the Border for Black Friday Shopping? We have Tips for you!

Posted Nov 23rd, 2016 in General, Did You Know?, In the News

Are you participating in the most exciting shopping day of the year? If so, you will need to check out our tips as there will be thousands of Ontarians crossing the Niagara borders for BLACK FRIDAY. 

Border Traffic Conditions

Black Friday Niagara Border Tips, Youngs Insurance, OntarioEach year following American Thanksgiving thousands of Ontarians flock to the Niagara borders to get in on the notorious Black Friday deals, which is why we thought it necessary to provide tips to avoid border traffic this year. 

Black Friday is the official kick-off to the Holiday shopping season and is easily the busiest shopping day of the year. If you are planning to partake in the Black Friday deals across the border make sure you check to see which Niagara border has the least wait time. There are three borders to choose from and if you click on the links below it will bring you to the Traffic Conditions;

At Youngs Insurance Brokers, we are always looking for ways to provide our customers with helpful tips, Black Friday is no exception, please view the tips outlined below before crossing the Niagara borders;

Black Friday Border Crossing Tips

  • The heaviest border traffic will be on Wednesday, November 23 and Sunday, November 27;
  • Anticipate waits of 2 hours or more;
  • Before arriving at the border be sure you use a restroom and fill up with gas;
  • Peak border times (heading into the States) are late morning through to the afternoon;
  • Peak border times (heading into Canada) are later afternoon through to the evening;
  • Heading back to Canada on Black Friday, the longest wait will be between 12 p.m. and 9 p.m.;
  • The least border traffic is before 7 a.m.;
  • Canada has restrictions on some products, such as baby playpens, car seats, etc., due to this you will not be able to bring such products across the border;

When driving please exercise more caution, as there is a documented spike in car accidents throughout the busy holiday season. We hope you enjoy a safe Black Friday shopping spree!

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