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Lightning Damage - How it can Impact your Insurance

Posted Jun 29th, 2016 in General, Home Insurance, Did You Know?

With the array of weather-related damage, we experience in Ontario, lightning doesn’t necessarily come to mind as a major culprit. It is true the frequency is low; however, the cost for such damage is not. There can be an impact on your insurance.

Interesting Canadian Lightning Statistics

Lightning Damage & Insurance, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

  • Lightning flashes approximately 2.3 million times each year.
  • July has the most lightning flashes.
  • The most frequent time of day for lightning is between 1 p.m. – 6 p.m.
  • Ontario is the province with the most annual number of days with lightning.
  • The approximate number of cloud to ground lightning flashes detected in Canada since the Canadian Lightning Detection Network (CLDN) began in 1998 is 34.0 million.

Lightning Claims – What most people do not know.

Even though lightning claims make up a small portion of overall homeowner’s claims each year in Ontario, the impact can be severe. Cindy Gravelle, Vice President of Commercial Insurance at Youngs Insurance explains;

“While there are few lightning claims reported in Canada each year- the severity associated with such claims can be rather significant and can lead to losses that are quite substantial. It is important to note that typically, an all-risk property policy, either personal or commercial, will cover lightning strikes and resulting damage.”

With regards to lightning's impact to Ontario residents, it makes up a small portion of damage claims, including (but not limited to) wind damage, sewer back-up, and water intrusion. When it comes to lightning damage there are a variety of ways lightning causes damage, from power surges to shockwaves or fire. As many are aware, fire can be the most damage causing, resulting in million dollar claims. 

At Youngs Insurance we recommend that you invest in “heavy duty” surge protectors and that you keep your property well maintained – trim tall trees, and remove overhanging branches. If you have any questions about lightning coverage or would like a no-obligation home insurance quote, please do not hesitate to contact Youngs today!

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