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Tips to Prevent Hail & Windstorm Damage

Posted Mar 23rd, 2016 in General, Insurance Tips, Home Insurance, Auto Insurance

With the current unpredictable weather we are experiencing, we thought it would be helpful to provide you with tips to prevent hail and windstorm damage to your personal property (vehicle & home).  

Did you know that each year the amount of money claimed due to hail and windstorm damage increases? This is in part due to the fact that the storms we have experienced in the last five years have amplified in intensity, unfortunately resulting in more damage to our homes.Tips to Prevent Hail & Windstorm Damage, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

According to Intact Insurance, “Hail is formed when updrafts in thunderclouds carry raindrops upward into extremely cold areas of the atmosphere, where they freeze and merge into lumps of ice. When the lumps become too heavy to be supported by the updraft, they fall to the ground at speeds of up to 100 km/h or more.” (Source: Intact Insurance).

The following list of tips to prevent hail and windstorm damage to your home and property has been adapted by Intact Insurance.

Tips to Prevent Hail & Windstorm Damage

REVIEW YOUR COVERAGE - Speak with your insurance broker to review your home and auto insurance policy – ensure you are covered for hail and windstorm damage.

WEATHER NOTIFICATIONS – stay connected and subscribe to weather alert notifications so that you are aware when a storm is expected to hit.

BEFORE A STORM – protect your car by parking it in a garage or covering; if this is not possible cover your vehicle with a heavy blanket. Ensure all outside possessions (i.e. BBQ, furniture, bikes, etc.) are either secured or relocated to indoors.

DURING A STORM – if possible, avoid driving your vehicle and stay indoors and ensure all windows and doors are closed.

INSTALL PROTECTIVE GEAR – if possible, install impact-resistant shutters over all large windows, protective shields for equipment such as HVAC and coverings for your skylights.

ROOF INSPECTIONS – make it a habit to check your roof to ensure it is in good condition. If updating your roof or home exterior use materials that will mitigate damages;

Roof Material

  • Concrete tile;
  • Rubber tile;
  • Clay title;
  • Slate tile.

Exterior Material

  • Stucco;
  • Solid stone;
  • Solid brick;
  • Stone veneer.

We hope that our tips for protecting your personal property (vehicle and home) from hail and windstorm damage has been helpful! If you have any questions regarding your policy, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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