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Tips to Protect Your Business – Inside Risks

Posted Dec 30th, 2015 in General, Insurance Tips, Commercial Insurance

We are continually striving to provide our customers with helpful tips and insurance information. In part one of a three part series, we will provide you with tips to protect your business from inside risks, meaning risks that could occur within your business premises.

Youngs Insurance provides tips to Protect Your Business from Inside RisksIn a three part series we will provide you with tips to protect your business from inside, outside and cyber risks. Beginning with inside risks we will establish a solid foundation of the importance of accessing your surroundings and predicting potential weaknesses within your business premises.  

While not all incidents can be predicted, it is important that you work to avoid and have a plan for what to do if they occur. We have provided you with the following tips to help protect your business from inside risks, these tips have been adapted by Intact Insurance.

Tips to Avoid Inside Risks

Emergency Procedure Plan

Ensure your company has an emergency procedure plan, that includes details of how to evacuate the building safely and efficiently in an emergency situation. This plan must be communicated to your staff, vendors, anyone and everyone who is within your business premises. Furthermore, it should be reviewed annually, to guarantee it takes into account any building or procedural changes.  

Securing Ceiling Items

It is essential that all ceiling items are firmly fastened and secured to the ceiling, which will certify they do not fall and cause damage or injure someone. If you have any low hanging equipment, such as duct work, signage or piping, there should be visible barriers restricting access to these areas where necessary to prevent injury.

Elevator Maintenance

Have your elevator(s) inspected routinely by a qualified servicing firm or a government representative.

Fire Protection

Your fire protection equipment including extinguishers, sprinklers, fire alarms and emergency lighting should be inspected yearly. Be sure that fire exits are ALWAYS unobstructed, well-marked, and outlined accordingly so that in an emergency situation the building can be evacuated quickly.

Regular Maintenance

As soon as you notice any lighting issues such as burnt out lights, loose wires, etc., repair them immediately. Be sure to keep all walkways clean and maintained at all times, including mats and other floor coverings. If you have any ramps they should be slip resistant and clearly marked. A daily clean-up schedule is important to ensuring all garbage, debris and waste material are consistently removed.

Building Codes

It is essential that your business be aware of any National and Provincial Building codes that must be maintained and followed. This includes the classification of the occupancy of a building.

We hope that you have found our tips to avoid inside risks for your business beneficial and informative. Be sure to check in to the other two parts of this series, which will outline tips to protect your business from outside and cyber risks.

When looking for business insurance it is essential you have coverage where it is needed. Be sure your business is protected, contact Youngs Insurance Brokers today; we would be pleased to review your existing coverage, and provide you with an analysis of your policy at no charge.

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